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Tháng Chín 7, 2007


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IPA: primary stressnaɪsli
Collegiate Dictionary: primary stressnīs-lē
Function: adverb
Comparative and superlative forms:
more nicely; most nicely
: in a pleasant, agreeable, or right way : well
<a nicely dressed older man>
<a very nicely written essay>
<Good work. Nicely done.>
<The project seems to be moving along nicely.>
<I think her idea will fit nicely into/with our original plans.>
do nicely

: successful at or suitable for doing something
<He lives in New York City and is doing nicely for himself.>
<Her new book is doing nicely.>
<“I just have this screwdriver.” “Thanks. It will do nicely.”>

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