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Tháng Tám 22, 2007


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IPA: primary stressstæb
Collegiate Dictionary: primary stressstab
Function: verb
Inflected forms:
stabs; stabbed; stabbing
1 [with object] : to wound (someone or something) with a pointed weapon (such as a knife)
Examples: <He stabbed her with a dagger.> <He was stabbed in the chest five times.>
2 : to poke or jab something with a pointed object
Examples: [with object] <He stabbed the piece of meat with a fork. = He stabbed the fork into the piece of meat.> <She stabbed the air with her pen as she spoke.> [no object] Note: This use of stab is followed by at. Example: <She stabbed at the dead animal with a stick.>
stab (someone) in the back

: to betray (someone)
Example: <She promised him that she wouldn’t tell but then stabbed him in the back.>

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