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Tháng Tám 15, 2007


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commensurate \kuh-MEN(T)S-uhr-it; -shuhr-\, adjective:
1. Equal in measure, extent, or duration.
2. Corresponding in size or degree or extent; proportionate.
3. Having a common measure; commensurable; reducible to a common measure; as, commensurate quantities.

A new era, Hoover called it, one that was witnessing breathtaking transformations in traditional ways of life and that demanded commensurate transformations in the institutions and techniques sof government.
— David M. Kennedy, Freedom from Fear

It is almost a rule: the successful American–Vanderbilt, Frick, Rockefeller, Hearst, Gates–builds himself a house commensurate with his fortune.
— Michael Knox Beran, The Last Patrician

The Shi’a represent a plurality in Lebanon, where only in recent years they have gained a degree of political power commensurate with their numbers.
— Graham E. Fuller and Rend Rahim Francke, The Arab Shi’a: The Forgotten Muslims


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