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Tháng Tám 13, 2007


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Pronunciation: (lobreve.gifnglprime.gifgschwa.gif-nibreve.gifmprime.gifibreve.gif-temacr.gif, lônglprime.gif-)

Definition: Patience, forbearing, long-suffering.

Usage: We have already done “equanimity,” “magnanimity,” and “pusillanimity,” now here is another sister in this family. This word has been confused with “longevity” and “long-windedness.” It means neither. The adjective is “longanimous” [long-‘gæ-nê-mês] and the adverb is “longanimously.”

Suggested Usage: You may avoid the potentially embarrassing ambiguity of “Dr. Livingstone seems to have no patience (patients) today” by attributing a lack of longanimity to him. (If he does have patients, they probably exhibit considerable longanimity in his waiting room.) Also keep in mind that today’s word applies to all animate beings, “Fido waited by his dish for his evening meal with longanimous enthusiasm.”

Etymology: Late Latin longanimitas “patience,” from long-us “long” + animus “soul” + noun suffix -itas. “Long” probably originates in the PIE stem *dlongho- underlying Old Persian “dranga” and akin to *dlgho- found in Old Slavic “dulugu” and Russian dolgiy “long (time),” not to mention Greek “dolichos,” Old Persian “darga,” Sanskrit. “dirghas” all meaning “long.” The same root emerges in Greek en-delech-es “perpetual,” Gothic tulgus “firm, persistent,” and Old Saxon tulgo “very.”


—Dr. Language, yourDictionary.com



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