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Tháng Tám 13, 2007


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Pronunciation: [‘es-tê-veyt]

Definition: Spend the summer, especially in a dormant state (antonym of “hibernate”).

Usage: The adjective is “aestival” and the noun, “aestivation.” Bears hibernate through the winter; desert amphibians aestivate during the hot, dry season.

Suggested Usage: Do you speak fast and find the long phrases like “spend my summers” slowing you down? Try: “I aestivate in Florida” to save your breath. Perhaps you enjoy some aestival festival, like the Hog-calling Jamboree in Chinquapin, North Carolina each year. So, say so!

Etymology: From Latin aestivare “to spend the summer somewhere” from aestas “summer.” Akin to Sanskrit indh “to kindle” and Old High German eiten “to heat” which gave Modern German Hitze “heat.”

—Dr. Language, yourDictionary.com


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