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Tháng Tám 10, 2007

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  1. Reporter disputes Rove’s account of CIA leak

    [image] Watch CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux report how Rove is defending his White House record. WASHINGTON (CNN) –

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Huracan Dean en Imagenes

    [image] […]

    Politolia Argentina

  3. LegoKitty™

    [image] photo by: ? capped and submitted by: Tyler


  4. Pop Quiz: Who’s the fashion terrorist?

    [image] This man is not a comedian trying to make you laugh. In fact, the man in the […]

    POPSEOUL! entertainment, style and beauty in seoul

  5. Kobe Hearts Coach K.

    [image]The lovefest surrounding USA Basketball right now is something that could almost make you puke. Everyone is […]

    Signal to Noise

  6. The end for Arsenal News Blog… for now

    The title says it all. Rather than give you some lengthy story about why I am pulling my blog entries, I shall just […]

    Arsenal News Blog

  7. Tip #3 : Under Construction

    It is often desired to have a final version of the project on the production server for testing purposes, but so that […]

    WordPress Bits

  8. iWork ’08 Review: PAGES – Mini Page Layout + Docx

    PAGES as part of iWork ‘08 is aptly and smartly named. Because it’s not just another word processor – […]


  9. hahahahaha!!!!!!!


    AWZ – Robin sucht

  10. Skype Tells Us What Happened

    [qi:90] Skype’s Heartbeat Blog has an explanation for the 30-hour outage that plagued the eBay-owned (EBAY) voice […]


  11. Building B Builds A God Box For Internet Video

    Building B became the latest startup to join the Internet video set-top box sweepstakes today with the Belmont, […]


  12. Thoughts on the Gnomedex ’07 Kerfuffle

    It seems that the big news out of Gnomedex last week was the “drama” that played out around Jason […]

    Tom Conrad

  13. Weight Training Workout Sheet

    Steve and I have been consistently going to the gym three times a week to work out, which consists of biking to the gym […]

    Corrie Haffly

  14. Of Course. It’s The Thing.

    Debbie wants to be an erotic writer. “It’s what I was born to do,” she wrote in an email to me a few days […]

    Meditations on Meaning

  15. Kevin Garnett Stars as “The Recruiter”

    When the Boston Celtics traded for NBA Super-Star Kevin Garnett last month everyone knew the Celtics was getting a […]

    Celtics Thug Rumors

  16. Just As The Defence Sorts Itself Out, Ewood Do That Again

    A point that could have been more but is probably the outcome that was deserved judging the overall performance. […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  17. Is Feminism Dead?

    That what one article points to. Feminism is dead for most women today tries to tell me that the leaders (namely Fay […]

    Activist Mommy

  18. another game, another injury, another goalkeeping error

    [image] “We can cope with the injuries we have but it’s getting down to the bare bones. Ade should be back for […]


  19. The Nanny Diaries

    [image] [image] Annelise Peterson [image][image] Rachel Roy <

    Park Avenue Peerage

  20. Why would I care about Microsoft?

    Whenever I mention in a crowd that I use free software, someone always seems to comment that I must hate Microsoft. […]

    Off the Wall

  21. Turkish creationists censor 1 million WordPress blogs

    It’s an act worthy of Nicolae Ceauşescu, or Idi Amin — but the Turkish creationist Adnan Oktar has taken […]

    Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub .

  22. Housing markdown

    Fortune’s Jon Birger says the jumbo mortgage problem will likely spread to cities, like New York, that so far […]

    FORTUNE Talkback

  23. 167 – Gales in the Atlantic, Gaels in the North Sea

    [image]  On 23 July 1977, this map appeared in <

    strange maps

  24. Xorg 7.3 sí vendrá con Gutsy

    Seguimos con el pequeño culebrón y confusión que se ha montado este fin de semana. Parece que todo ha sido un […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  25. Building your own Web with Tubes

    [image]Maybe the Internet is a series of tubes after all. Ted Stevens, the octogenarian Republican Senator from Alaska, […]

    Media Biz

  26. Huracán Dean tocaría México como Huracán de Categoría 5.

    2:00 PM – 20 de Agosto Posición Actual: LATITUD: 18.0 Norte LONGITUD: 83.2 Oeste [image] Intensidad de la Tormenta: […]

    Blog de Huracanes v2.0

  27. Bruce Willis expulsé comme un malpropre

    Accompagné du producteur d’”Ocean 13″ Jerry Weintraub, Bruce Willis s’est fait jeté comme un […]

    Movies, Internet & Politics

  28. Spotes Notes, 8.20.07: Michael Vick Pleads Guilty – Reaction from Virginia Tech; Jimmy Clausen WVU, Bama Players in the […]

    [image]Breaking News: Michael Vick has an oral agreement with federal prosecutors to take a plea bargain. ESPN’s […]

    The Starting Five

  29. RESTless, RESTFul, or RESTlike?

    A couple of weeks ago I ran into my old mentor from my Iona days, Steve Vinoski. I was in shock. The guy I looked up to […]

    Angry Bill

  30. CP Episode 16 Short Preview UPDATED

    I got this from YT. A preview of episode 16 that was shown at the end of Episode 15. Enjoy! I’ll just update this […]

    asian drama addict

  31. Robot Invasion is Coming

    Good news from Gen Con: the Retro Raygun and Primal Dawn figures are selling very well. I’ll have to do more […]

    The Hydra’s Lair

  32. 一些關於 Web 2.0 的思考 (二): 遊戲收集站告訴了我們什麼?

    Posted by Mr. Saturday Mr. Saturday 之前寫了「一些關於 Web 2.0 的思考」,有讀者反應似乎好像沒寫 […]

    Mr./Ms. Days – 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活

  33. Tenemos los zapatos de Scarlett

    [image] Uno de los zapatos Scarlett estuvo en un sesión de fotos donde se dejó los zapatos que llevaba “de […]

    Where is Johansson?

  34. Nit och redlighet

    Det är inte bara chefsmötet denna vecka som medför plikter – dock genomgående av det mer angenäma slaget. I dag […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  35. In Which Moaning Myrtle Moans

    Hey guys! Thanks to angelic720 on YouTube, here’s a video of our new song! We performed it at our last four shows […]

    The Moaning Myrtles

  36. Elvis und Lisa Marie Presley: In The Ghetto

    [YouTube] (DirektKing)

    Die Memoiren des Josh K. Phisher

  37. UPDATE:Monday, August 20, 12:35pm

        I still don’t have a definitive idea of where the show will air from but I do have a blog update.  It is […]


  38. keep drinking, duckie

    So my cutie little duckie i made yesterday seems to have fallen on hard times.  He has since turned to the bottle for […]

    gnat on the windshield

  39. Words We Don’t Need: Bacn

    Neologisms spread through the internet at the speed of, well, the internet. A new one appeared over the weekend, […]

    Web Worker Daily

  40. Giuliani: Habitual liar or completely insane?

    From MSN: “I was at ground zero as often, if not more, than most of the workers,” Mr. Giuliani said in Cincinnati. […]

    The Incontiguous Brick

  41. A Tick In The Box For Nothing In Particular.

    [image][image] [image] [image] [image]


  42. 836/ Inscritos ao Enem 2007 podem consultar local de prova na web

    Do O Povo.com.br Os estudantes inscritos para o Exame Nacional do ensino Médio (Enem) que não receberam até esta […]


  43. La verita’ sull’ufo di Pordenone

    E’ ufficiale, si tratta di un tarocco creato veramente a regola d’arte da alcuni studenti di una scuola per […]

    Divilinux Lost Blog

  44. Rustic Anchovies Potatoes

    [image] Did we have a busy weekend! How was yours?

    Glorious Food and Wine

  45. Hardinfo: simple, efficient hardware and system profiler for Linux.

    [image]Today, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have posted a brief but effective review about Hardinfo: the best […]

    Computer Borders

  46. EVO WORLD 2007 Schedule

    [image] EVOLUTION 2007 World Finals takes place this weekend August 24 – 26, 2007 at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in […]

    SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource!

  47. Få betalt för gammal… potatis

    En dam i sextioårsåldern frågade: – Var har ni ställt den gamla potatisen? – Förlåt? – Var har ni ställt den […]


  48. One gap that Seam should fill in

    We’ve all heard how good Seam is as an application framework, but not many people are aware of the missing gap that […]

    Joshua Java

  49. Ten Tantalizing Tidbits about the Book of Mormon

    These aren’t quite as tantalizing as TT’s NT tidbits, but we don’t have similar extra-scriptural data […]

    Faith Promoting Rumor

  50. Willis Unseats Moore

    According to Matt Maiocco, rookie Patrick Willis has taken over the starting weak inside linebacker position. With this […]


  51. Howto: Leave Ubuntu

    I could swear that a couple of years ago (has it been that long already?), when I started using Ubuntu, dissatisfied […]

    Motho ke motho ka botho

  52. NO Privacy Under Malaysian Islamic Law?

    NO Privacy Under Malaysian Islamic Law? I found the link below from Malaysiakini describing the current life condition […]

    Shariah @ National Law

  53. Vick falls on the mercy of the courts!

    Well, well, well… Michael Vick has put his NFL career in jeopardy by taking a plea bargain, and placing himself […]

    With Malice…

  54. 5 Done…for now.

    I hope you enjoyed the past few days of radio with the great guests you’ve come to expect. Keep checking in here […]

    Dan Patrick Online Blog

  55. Yeah, I’m a “pondan”, so what?

    BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING WRONG BEING A “PONDAN” ! But to say “coward”, followed by the term […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  56. Student Finds 5000-Year-Old Chewing Gum

    I love little archaeology news bits like the following, because such findings are like a time machine to me. They give […]


  57. Taking Joy–the choice that makes all the difference

    “How do we make the commitment to give the area of motherhood over to God as a sacrifice of worship to him? We yield […]

    I Take Joy

  58. Checking up on the Columbus Circle construction

    [image] MTA workers lay out the floor on the downtown IND platform at Columbus Circle. (Photo by Benjamin […]

    Second Ave. Sagas | Blogging the NYC Subways

  59. Chile Line experiencing some delays

    The town of Taos is warning residents to expect some delays on the Chile Line because of road construction throughout […]

    The Taos News Online

  60. Powrót do rzeczywistości

    [image] Wróciłem z urlopu. Wtargałem walizki i padłem stargany w fotel. Nie powiodło się 156 prób staranowania […]

    Fraglesowe widzenie świata

  61. Jose Martinez – Perpetually Overlooked?

    What’s a prospect gotta do to get some attention? Well, in fairness, Chris Constancio was talking about him at […]

    Future Redbirds

  62. NJ Dining: Nha Trang Place

    Click for Hi-Res Slide Show! Nha Trang Place

    Off The Broiler

  63. Jede Wahrheit …

    … braucht einen Mutigen, der sie ausspricht. Danke, Christoph Daum! [image] Blogged with

    Justitia Colonia

  64. Britney Spears au naturel

    Voici la première image de Britney Spears complètement au naturel, sans perruque ou rallonges. [image] Qu’en […]

    Les Amateurs de Stars

  65. How Operation Rescue and National Right to Life Spin Abortion Research

    A new study was released last week that indicated that medical abortions with RU-486 (mifepristone/Mifeprex in the […]

    Women’s Health News

  66. TV USA Gazette #57 – High School Musical 2 – Mika per Ugly Betty – Casting News – Giorno per giorno – Preview: The […]

    [image]Un altro appuntamento estivo con un aggiornamento delle notizie dell’ultima settimana relative alla […]

    AntonioGenna.net Blog

  67. What a Party!

    Out they poured…tiny ones, giant ones, white ones, brown ones, thin ones, thick ones, flattened ones, puffed […]

    A Mad Tea Party

  68. Reading Is Good for You

    Reader Charlie sent me a link to this article in the September 2007 Scientific American, in which professors from the […]

    Shapely Prose

  69. Beatles Sheet Music

    With a little effort and searching you should be able to find Beatles sheet music for all of the songs ever recorded by […]

    Beatles Sheet Music

  70. Hit & Run: The Morning After

    So I go away for a few days, and the next I thing I know, the other Ladies… have conquered the world. Fantastic […]


  71. OLPC on TV

    [image] From: Michael Haupt, The German/Swiss/Austrian TV station 3sat has a weekly 30-minute show called […]

    The Weekly Squeak

  72. Cairo-clock un modo come un altro per strapazzare il tempo

    [image] Cliccate sull’immagine per vedere il video Ogg/Theora Aggiornamento ore 20:20 MacSlow ha pubblicato un […]

    O.S. Revolution

  73. Ganilau Names GCC Taskforce

    [image]  Epeli Gusuvaika Ganilau FijiTimesOnline reports that the iMinister for Fijian Affairs, Epeli Gusuvaika […]


  74. Watford 1 Sheffield United 0 (18/08/2007)

    Five thunks from the win over the Blades: 1- Six points from these two league games without playing terribly well is a […]

    BHaPPY (not BSaD)

  75. We are being used as source on large blog

    “Norwegian woodenheads [The Danmark-blog is refered to on: […]


  76. The Secret that Successful Mortgage Companies Don’t Want You to Know

    Ever wonder the secret to growing your mortgage business in good and bad times? Ever wonder how some notable mortgage […]

    Better Closer Blog

  77. Top 20 why vlogger is better than blogger

    I lied! I said that ‘Give me a week to think about it’ but I did it last night. So, I challenged […]

    Fookem and Bug

  78. A grizzly anomaly

    Interesting email . . . . thanks Salle! A Grizzly Anomaly. These photos were taken this past Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007, […]

    Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News

  79. Retailers we’d like to see…

    Now that we’ve gotten such a huge response to our question about what restaurants people are interested in in the […]

    Biz Buzz

  80. 35,381 Ron Paul MeetUp Members 8/20/07

    Ron Paul 2008 30,701 Members in 754 Meetup Groups, 4,680 waiting for a Meetup Group 35,381 Total […]

    Ron Paul MeetUp Videos

  81. 3 Days to Mike Huckabee’s Birthday!

    [image] Hello Everybody – On Friday, August 24th, Mike Huckabee is turning 52! Mrs. Janet Huckabee (Mike’s […]

    One Mom

  82. A Love of Boats

    The kettle is on, it’s 7:39am and so begins a busy day at sea. I thought I would start a blog this morning but I […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  83. Pemuda MCA perlu dedah siapa melanggar Perlembagaan Negara

    [image]Ahli Parlimen Tumpat, Dato’ Kamarudin Jaffar mendesak Pemuda MCA mendedahkan mana-mana pihak yang […]

    Ahli Parlimen PAS

  84. Secret European Union Report Slams Barbados Ethanol Plan

    OOPS! Sorry about that folks. We made a mistake and posted an article as it was being written. It won’t be ready […]

    Barbados Free Press

  85. Castle Rock Fire Update 8/18/07

    I’m posting this blog in an effort to help keep the residents and visitors of Sun Valley up to date with the […]

    Nils Ribi’s Blog

  86. Vean la patente

    por Mariana Ventureira Volviendo por la autopista con una amiga, ella descubrió esta patente. […]

    La lectora provisoria

  87. How much will Michael Dell give back?

    Dell (DELL) announced Thursday that it had completed a long-running investigation into its accounting practices. The […]

    Go West

  88. Compiz shouldn’t be enabled by default on Ubuntu

    [image] Enabling compiz by default is one of the

    Fabrizio Balliano

  89. Process Enacted: by Jordan C Greenhalgh

    [YouTube] This is Excellent! Polaroid mania…..enjoy all (tip: click the play button to activate the video then […]

    Lunchtime Reflections

  90. Jeez, De Vries!

    [image]It seems Swansea goalkeeper Dorus De Vries has been attempting to cause a bit of a stir with his post-match […]

    Through the seasons before us..

  91. VConvert.net- تبدیل و دانلود ویدئوهای آنلاین(مثل youtube) به فرمت های wmv, mov, […]

    به وسیله این سرویس شما می تونید ویدئوهای آنلاین رو به فرمت هایی مث� […]

    About Cyber

  92. Rouwadvertentie’s Jos Brink via de Telegraaf

    [image] [image] [image]

    Uitvaartinformatie-Bolink (www.uitvaartvoorlichting.nl)

  93. 電盈對人不對事

    To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and […]


  94. Seandainya Rossi Paham NPWP…

    [image]By Girifumi – Agustus 20, 2007 Sekali lagi Casey Stoner menunjukan kedahsyatannya. Mematahkan mitos pole sitter […]


  95. Nice Gary Burnham piece

    We sometimes get caught up in ranking guys on prospect lists, wondering what so and so will become, etc etc, and […]

    Phuture Phillies

  96. Hillary…Please God, No

    Hillary Clinton may be the next President of the United States. Please God…no. Until 2004, I never prayed for […]


  97. «Ça va brasser pour les places d’honneur» – Tino Rossi

    [image]Le lundi 20 août 2007 – La dixième et dernière étape des Mardis cyclistes Saputo de Lachine est enfin […]

    Les Mardis cyclistes Saputo de Lachine

  98. Det här är kul.

    Artikeln hos SVD om läkaren som skriver ut Rohypnol till Romer får mig riktigt glad och uppåt. Låt oss, i denna […]


  99. Nota Bene

    I have a new email – the spam situation at Yahoo is just getting untenable. I am starting to suspect that they are […]

    Charlotte was Both

  100. Priestly Matters

    In November of 2006, I got married. To a girl who comes from a family tradition where weddings last approximately 75 […]

    Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa


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  1. Just – have a nice day !

    friend Josef

    Bình luận bởi Josef Boberg — Tháng Tám 15, 2007 @ 3:22 chiều

  2. I agree with you! its a great book, but too bad it ends…I feel so empty putting it down after so many years waiting for it…

    Bình luận bởi Anton Soeharyo — Tháng Tám 17, 2007 @ 9:11 chiều

  3. asmhjghj sdiuih siuiusis

    Bình luận bởi anhthatlongyeuem_ld@yahoo.com — Tháng Chín 14, 2009 @ 3:19 chiều

  4. ahjgs sjys sjys jaiooa kauiuya ffdd

    Bình luận bởi tero heo — Tháng Chín 14, 2009 @ 3:19 chiều

  5. Whether we find it astonishing or whether we find it quite plausible that a small but highly organized group of atoms be capable of acting in this manner, the situation is unprecedented, it is unknown anywhere else except in living matter. ,

    Bình luận bởi SouthWind84 — Tháng Mười 11, 2009 @ 7:37 sáng

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